Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why, Hello There

Hello! I know that I'm not quite done with my wedding recaps over at Second City Bride, but so many things are about to be happening over here that I just couldn't sit around without sharing it. So here I am with a brand new blog, Bacon & Bliss, sharing with you all the details of our newly married life, getting a puppy, introducing the new little fella to the cats, buying a place and exploring all over Chicago.

Why "Bacon & Bliss?" To start, we've spent the past year masquerading around WeddingBee as the Bacons, so that was the starting point, but honestly, I just really like bacon. I like to eat it; I like the smell of it cooking on Saturday mornings; I like that it's the ultimate conversation starter with strangers; and I have a secret soft spot for chocolate covered bacon (or Pig Lickers as they're called at the Minnesota State Fair).  And Bliss? Well, that's what married life is about, right? I didn't want to limit myself to crafts or food or travels or home decorating or our growing menagerie, so I figured that "Bliss" pretty much covered it.

I cannot wait to share this next chapter of our journey with you. The best is yet to come!

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