About Kelsey

Hi! I'm Kelsey and this is my blog about all things. Really, all things. I started out blogging about my wedding, but now that the wedding is behind me, there are so many new things to write about so keep an eye out for posts on drool-worthy food, our menagerie (2 cats and a pitbull), a tremendous amount of wanderlust, the ups and downs of homeownership, a smattering of geekery, adventures in parenting, and of course, things in and around Chicago.

A few fun facts:
1. I've been to 6 of the 7 continents by the age of 27, but aim to hit all 7 by the time I turn 40
2. I leave all the cooking in the house to the hubs, but I love to bake... and love to eat
3. I prefer caramel to chocolate and a bowlful of fruits to a giant sundae for dessert
4. I am trying to get better at crafting and my Pinterest obsession grows every day
5. I'm a transport to Chicago from Minnesota via DC and California
6. I dream big

Why Bacon & Bliss?
To start, we spent over a year masquerading around WeddingBee as the Bacons, so that was the starting point, but honestly, I just really like bacon. I like to eat it; I like the smell of it cooking on Saturday mornings; I like that it’s the ultimate conversation starter with strangers; and I have a secret soft spot for chocolate covered bacon (or Pig Lickers as they’re called at the Minnesota State Fair).  And Bliss? Well, that’s what married life is about, right? I didn’t want to limit myself to crafts or food or travels or home decorating, so I figured that “Bliss” pretty much covered it.


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