Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Puppy Reality

Have you ever prepared so much for things that you've convinced yourself that you're totally ready... Only to have your bubble burst the moment you get close to making that thing a reality? Well, tonight was one of those moments. We have been buying doggy toys and water bowls and pet gates and training books, but tonight we met our first "candidate" to be our pup, Jonas. There was this moment when we were downstairs taking a potty break and he was more interested than the local flora than coming back upstairs that it hit me that we are going to be dog owners this weekend. WOW.

I mean, we knew this was coming; we have been preparing for weeks. We submitted an adoption application to It's a Pittie Rescue in March, I had a phone interview, we had our references checked, the folks at the rescue spoke to our land lady, and we had a home check. The fact that we are getting a dog is old news, but actually having a little guy that might be ours really brought it all home.

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Meet Jonas. He is a total goofball that's laid back and sweet and adorable and mellow and energetic and curious and full of puppy grunts, snorts and pitbull wiggles. He spent a luxurious two hours with us in our little third floor apartment and while he spent the first few minutes sniffing about, he really spent most of it  sprawled out across our laps and the floor with a rawhide in his mouth. Isn't that what you want in a puppy? He was fascinated by the cats for a few minutes and did the obligatory handful of barks and whines, then he went back to his squeak toy. Watching him so at ease in our humble abode was just so common place like we've had a dog all this time and while the realization that we'll have a dog soon was jarring, it is also so uplifting and exciting.

By the end of this week, well, just 24 short hours away, Jonas or one of his litter mates will be our new pup. And I can't wait!

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  1. Ah, how exciting! He's so cute! You'll love having a puppy - it's the best! :)