Saturday, May 19, 2012

Making an Offer They Couldn't Refuse

We narrowed it down to the short sale townhouse and the gorgeous loft in the Nabisco factory that evening and immediately scheduled a follow up at both places for the middle of the week.

I think that in an attempt to sway the tables toward the loft, I had imagined the townhouse much worse than it was. The floors needed to be refinished and the paint was still bad, but the kitchen was workable, at least for now. We did have to weigh that there was no association to be responsible if the roof collapsed after a storm or to shovel in the winter and that we had to pay for all utilities ourselves. But man, it still was an (inconvenient) steal!

Looking at the loft again, we met with the listing agent and she told us pretty mug exactly how much each and every upgrade cost like "this is a $50k kitchen!" and "the professional paint job was $5k alone!" Is it terrible that a part of me wanted to be like "that's nice, I assume that's why it's so expensive??" but I held my tongue and fell in love with the loft even more. Sure, the association fees were nuts, and the master bedroom didn't actually have a window, but I wanted to live there so badly I could taste it!

We spent the night looking at our pros and cons lists and trying to devil's advocate our way out of the loft, but in the end, we made an appointment the very next afternoon to make an offer on the loft! Since we needed them to cover closing costs, we went in about 11% under asking with 3% back to cover closing costs and after three rounds of negotiations, settled on 8% under asking with $6k back for closing costs.

OMGeeeeeeeeeeeee!! We were under contract on a condo!! After one of the most exciting voicemails of my life, we set out to find lawyers and an inspector to get this show on the road.

Dear adulthood, here we come, ready or not!

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