Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Love Amy Poehler

I don't like The Office. I love Amy Poehler.

It was a toss up on whether or not we'd like Parks and Rec, so we just assumed we wouldn't.  What a terrible idea!!  We started watching it last week and legit cannot turn it off. We are almost done with the third season - yes, THIRD season! If you've never seen it, you absolutely need to go to Netflix right MEOW.  

Yes, it's a comedic mockumentary, but it's so funny!! It's a bit awkward, but you just want to cheer and cheer and cheer for Amy's character, Leslie. Rashida Jones is hilarious and uplifting; and I have a newfound appreciation for Aziz's special brand of humour. 

So really, go forth and watch this goodness. 

Love and Bacon,


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  2. Can I get Apps and Zerts?