Monday, January 6, 2014

#WEverb14: Capture

Have you been following along?  Here we are on day six of #WEverb14 and today's prompt was CAPTURE.

Share your favorite memory captured from 2013. What's your plan to capture 2014?

So the preferred memory capturing technique of 2013 was definitely selfies. Legit, we are in our late twenties and love taking selfies. It was so intense that I couldn't find a decent photo of the two of us for our Christmas card and ended up using a selfie taken at a wedding.   Don't believe me?

Here's this year's Christmas card (with a selfie from Mrs. Scooter's wedding)
So in 2014, I plan on capturing more photos using our digital SLR camera. I started the year with our DSLR at the NYE party, and I want to keep on using it.  We are planning another trip to Jamaica and a trip to DC and a trip to NOLA and (hopefully) having a baby - all of those are great reasons to take proper photos!! 2014 will be the year of lots of photos!

What are you going to capture?

Love and Bacon,

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