Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Is This Thing On?

 ::Waves Meekly from the Margin::

Oh hi! It's been a minute since I came around here. And by "a minute," I mean closer to SIX years. 

The post right before this one seems like it was a lifetime ago. Since 2014...

We had a beautiful baby boy in Jan 2015 named Jack

We finished that primary color nursery a month after he was born (whoops!)

We took him to the beach and to Singapore and to Europe and to a Blackhawks game and to the beach again. 


Then we got pregnant again and made our little family complete with little Duncan who arrived in 2017. 

After that, the whirlwind got faster and faster - my best friends and I took that tiny baby to Spain, we sold our condo in the city and became suburbanites... and that was all over 2 years ago. 


Now I find myself so grateful for this suburban home while we quarantine with a little backyard and a first-floor den that is a full time playroom. I spend my days working, my evenings researching social justice, and my nights making cloth masks. 2020 is a doozy, but maybe it's also the perfect time to bring this project back to life. 


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