Monday, October 27, 2014

A Pregnancy Unicorn

It was brought to my attention this weekend that I am a Pregnancy Unicorn. A dear friend of mine is due 3 months after us and was hoping to commiserate with me when we were together in Minneapolis this weekend, but I was a total let down.  Every gripe she had, I was all "oh, yeah, I didn't have that."

I'll be honest, I've noticed that I'm suuuuuuuper lucky this pregnancy. In fact, that's why I haven't been blogging about it. I mean, who wants to read a blog that's all sunshine and rainbows? No gross morning sickness stories, no terrible "I peed my pants when I sneezed" stories. That's BORING.

So I've been following this advice. I've been keeping calm, and I'm a pregnancy unicorn.  What does that mean exactly?
 - I didn't have Morning Sickness
 - Very limited food aversions (I wasn't big into chicken for a couple weeks and one week I couldn't stand the smell of cooking beef)
 - I magically lost 10lbs in the first trimester, probably because I was happy to eat all the new summer vegetables and started a new workout routine at Barre Code (yes, dr approved!)
 - I haven't broken out with acne
 - My boobs are bigger, but aside from some bra extenders, I haven't needed to buy all new bras
 - I have some fatigue, but for the most part, I have just as much energy as I did pre-pregnancy, although now that I pee 5x a night, I'm a bit more tired than earlier in the pregnancy
 - I started to really show, pretty late. So I have been able to wear a lot of my tops, and only had to buy all new maternity bottoms
- To date, I've gained 15 lbs, so I'm only really up 5 lb vs where I was pre-pregnancy
 - My worst symptoms have been: carpal tunnel, super tender boobs all first trimester, achey back, really gross gas (sorry, husband), snoring (sorry again, husband) and I'm just starting to get swelling in my hands and feet

Am I the only pregnancy unicorn out there?? How was your pregnancy?


  1. I will try not to be jealous of your unicornosity :) I had morning sickness, gained weight immediately but didn't "show" until 2nd tri so I was just fat in the beginning, I was exhausted, couldn't sleep, and had a teensy but of morning sickness at the beginning of the 3rd tri. Could it have been worse? Oh yes. But in general I hated being pregnant and wanted to skip to the baby part :)

  2. I like reading about pregnancy unicorns. It gives the childless ladies hope that pregnancy wouldn’t mega suck some day. :) And the good-natured me is hoping how nobody would ever wish pain and misery on another pregnant lady. You’ll go through enough of that at birth right? So we should all just be happy for someone to have such an easy pregnancy. Go you pregnant unicorn!

  3. Hello fellow unicorn! I was really lucky too with my pregnancy. No fatigue, no cravings, and not even a bit of brown vaginal discharge... I actually felt great!